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Building the future of comfortable and sustainable homes

Home is our sacred place, our favorite space where we feel the safest and where memorable experiences with our loved ones are being made, everyday, surrounded by all our personal treasures.


However, human as we are, our palace is sometimes populated by wastes of different nature, filled with an air which is not always at its purest. There is always room for improvement. But change requires a combination of knowledge, actions and tracking that is challenging to start and to maintain in our already busy lives.

So we created the first all-in-one trusted  home service going past our clients door while handling this critical variable. We send our hospitality and responsibility trained home assistants to take care of your space and belongings leaving it safe, cleaned and organised. 

Being a sustainable service inside your home, we decided to put sustainability at the core of everything we develop. We bring reliable processes, people and network. And because having a positive impact on our environment should not stop with us, we create and push opportunities to empower all our stakeholders to join us, starting with you, our clients.

Image by Alexandra Gorn

Social &  Fair
Hiring Policy

Friendly Processes


What we mean

In order to make a home service memorable, the first obvious step is to create the necessary environment for our employees to get recognized and rewarded. We want them to strive and develop in their work.

  • Above industry wage,

  • Inclusion when possible of +50, migrants, long-time unemployed people,

  • Bonus opportunities,

  • Flexible contracting,

  • Administrative support.

Social and Fair Hiring Policy

Hiring Policy

Eco Friendly Processes

What we mean

Sustainability starts by exemplarity so we work continuously to develop in-house  practices which minimize resources and energy usage.

  • Save energy and water,

  • Improve air quality,

  • Strengthen recycling effort,

  • Restock eco friendly products,

  • Curate eco home appliances and items,

  • Raise awareness on sustainable lifestyle.

Eco friendly Processes

What we mean:

As a neighborhood service, we take this opportunity to create a strong local network to foster whenever possible the products and services of great local champions to fuel their economic growth further.

  • Craftsman services for home maintenance and or repair,

  • Curated products to assist our members to choose great consumption experiences,

  • Lifestyle services and offers to ease our client decision making.

Business Localism

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