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A Human-Centered Service

Mary And Jarvis Attentive Response or "Majar" - A trained and vetted daily activist brought into your home life to create more time, more comfort, more life.

Image by JR Korpa

01. Mind

Highly proactive and knowledgeable

02. Vista

Prioritizing and reaching for the details

03. Heart

Kind, listening and caring

Image by Erik  Lucatero
Image by Diane Helentjaris
Image by Amy Shamblen
Image by Markus Stephen Griffiths

04. Apron

Supporting the work done (can be worn as a cape)

05. Hands

Experience in trained  dexterity, firm and gentle

06. Legs

Tireless with precise foot work

Image by Naitian(Tony) Wang

Our HR Way


We bring unique people to you

  • All nationalities

  • All genders

  • All ages considered

01. Hiring Process

Applicants are carefully reviewed through three different phases

  • Administrative Check

  • Knowledgeable Skills

  • Hospitality Mindset

02. Human


Majars are our own employees, no freelancing

  • Above industry pay check

  • Benefit and perks

  • Gears 

03. Ongoing


 Master their space, pace and place to push out the limit of everyday activism

  • Mentorship

  • Knowledgeable Skills

  • Hospitality Mindset

04. Career Track

Different entry points, different possibilities to grow

  • Expertise Level

  • Team role Responsibilities

  • Profile Rotation

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