Our activities



Regular Activity

Regular maintenance clean (weekly or bi-weekly)

  • Dusting furniture, surfaces and countertops

  • Bathroom clean

  • Kitchen clean with emptying or loading the dishwasher

  • Wiping all windows and doors sills/knobs

  • Taking out trash

  • Changing bed/crib linens

  • Tidying up by picking and reorganizing clutter

  • Vacuum/Sweep/Mop floors

  • Rotative tasks: inside of fridge, microwave or oven, vacuuming upholstered furniture or place you see fit

Advanced Activity 

Deep Clean, Moving In/Out, Spring Clean:



  • Wiping inside and outside of all cabinets/draws/pantry

  • Cleaning inside/outside of fridge/freezer

  • Cleaning stove top/oven/microwave

  • Cleaning stove hoods/fans/vents

  • Cleaning all windows/window sills (outside if allowed)


  • Scrubbing inside of shower/tub

  • Cleaning inside of bathroom cabinets/draws

  • Wiping all doors/walls

  • Cleaning and disinfecting all toilets

  • Cleaning all windows and window sills (outside if allowed)


  • Flip mattresses

  • Cleaning under bed

  • Changing bed linens

  • Cleaning inside closets/shelves

  • Getting behind all furniture

  • Dusting/polishing all furniture

  • Wiping all walls/mirrors

  • Cleaning all windows/window sills (outside if allowed)

All areas of the house

  • All trash emptied/washing of trash cans

  • Wiping of all surfaces/lamps

  • Vacuum/sweep/mop all floors

  • Moving and cleaning under all furniture

  • Cleaning all vents/radiators

  • Dusting and wiping all boarders/moldings

  • Dusting/cleaning of mirrors/picture frames/artwork/knickknacks



Shoe Care

Regular Activity

For either your business derby, Chelsea boots, football clits or your beloved white sneakers.

  • Dust over

  • Clean

  • Nourish

  • Dehumidify

  • Apply water-resistant product (optional)


Regular Activity

Within your home or building's cellar:

  • Load and start your washing machine

  • Make the transition to your dryer

  • Hang clothes to dry

  • Collect dry clothes and bring them on to your place of choice

  • Get notified when you are running out of laundry products

  • see Ironing




Regular Activity

  • Pick up of:

    • Glass bottles, jars...

    • Light bulbs

    • Batteries

    • Deposited Bottles (mehrweg/einweg pfand)

  • Dropped off at your nearest containers and or supermarket​

  • Ticket discounted from your invoice



Regular Activity


  • Pick up your item from your favorite store(s):

    • Flowers,

    • Fresh bread,

    • Medication,

    • Small grocery shopping, etc.

  • Drop it off on your table

  • "Shopping" is a regular activity from visit to visit. Anything spontaneous or urgent could be re-qualified as a "Miracle", See below.


Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

Regular Activity


  • Pick up your clothes to be dry cleaned with extra metal hangers

  • Drop-off at your store of choice

  • Possible pick up of your fresh clothes ready at the suppliers (on the same run)

  • Bring back your clothes into your wardrobe or any other place of choice

  • Quick sorting and reorganizing of your wardrobe (when necessary)




Regular Activity


  • Take and drop off your packages, retour and other any mails to your local post office

  • Pick up of your delivered packages from the local post office or neighbor

  • Possible unpacking and discard of the cardboard box


Spot-Demand Activity

Feel free to ask us any on spot demand, home oriented in need of coordination

  • Get in touch with your demand

  • We Quote and schedule

  • Upon Agreement, we execute:

    • Party Planning

    • Extra hands needed (moving in or out)

    • Handyman work

    • Building furniture 

    • Seating and waiting for your internet provider or else

    • ...



We Simplify your Home Life

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